A love letter to the trees

A love letter to the trees

Never much one for city breaks or tourist spots I have always found myself travelling towards mountains and trees, and finding so much peace and happiness when I get there.

I'm so grateful to my parents who instilled such a deep love of nature in me from a young age, and in doing so gave me every tool I ever needed to find calm in a crazy world.

All of my favourite and most special childhood memories to this day are centred around trees and woodland. From spending hours on my Dad's shoulders in our local park reaching into horse chestnuts to try and get the best conkers, belly laughs with my brother in our garden treehouse and on the rope swing that hung below it, to bird watching and searching under pine trees for natterjack toads and red squirrels with my mum in the dunes and pinewoods.

Even before my little girl was born, I knew the most important thing I could ever pass down to her would be that same love of nature that was given to me. There is nothing that brings me more happiness now than chatting with her about our favourite trees and the animals that live in them, and watching her climb on the same branches I did at her age. I can't think of a better gift to her than to help fuel the planting of more trees.

It is for all of these reasons that trees are at the heart of everything I wanted to build here at Soul Cat Studio, and so for every order placed here in our store, a tree will be planted through our partnership with Ecologi, meaning every one of our customers will not only become a part of putting down roots for the next generations to come, but is also helping to build a more beautiful connection with one another and the world around us.

For my little Willow, who I hope will never stop hugging trees.


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