Hello friend! I'm Amy, owner, illustrator and general creator here at Soul Cat Studio.

I live in the North West of England with my husband, little girl, our two cats PJ and Panda, and our family of chickens. I am lucky enough to be just a stones throw away from both pinewoods and countryside, which is where I find lots of my illustration inspiration.

I have a slight obsession with cats, and as a result they manage to regularly make their way into my artwork. I would originally try my very hardest to create a good balance in my design themes, however, as time went on I eventually gave up on that approach and my store became a little more on the cat-centric side... and I'm pretty okay with it!
I absolutely love the little community of fellow bookworms, cat folks and nature lovers that we have created here, and it makes me super happy that my little business has brought lots of us together to this little corner of the internet since opening back in 2020.
Here at Soul Cat Studio you will find a wide range of products to fuel your cosy lifestyle and bookish passions, from the book sleeves you'll never leave home without, to homewares that will turn up the hygge and transform your reading nook.
You can also check out my blog for bookish musings and cosy inspiration, and follow us over on Instagram to join our little tribe!


Hi There! That's me in my natural habitat

  • Panda

    Adorable little muse

  • PJ

    CEO, lap warmer


Here at Soul Cat Studio, we are continuously striving to leave the smallest possible footprint on our beautiful planet by using only sustainable packaging for every order we send.

We only use compostable and/or recyclable packaging to protect our products on their journey from our studio to your door.

The small cello bags used to package our smaller items commonly given as gifts such as coasters, keyrings and mouse mats are all British made and from compostable PLA.

The only product packaging in our store that is non recyclable/compostable is the shrink wrap around our washi tapes, which is sent to us this way by our supplier to ensure that their condition is not compromised.

Should you prefer to have no packaging on certain/all products in your order, please leave us a message at checkout or drop us an email to hello@soulcatstudio.com

Not only is it of great importance to us to be a sustainable business and reduce as much unnecessary waste as possible, but it also means a lot to be able to give back and help our planet too, which is why for every order placed here at Soul Cat Studio, a percentage of each sale automatically goes directly to Ecologi to fund the planting of a new tree! If you would like to read a little more about this and see the trees already funded by Soul Cat Studio you can do so on our plant a tree page

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