Goodbye Maple Moon... Hello Soul Cat Studio!

Goodbye Maple Moon... Hello Soul Cat Studio!

Since the conception of (what was) Maple Moon back in 2019, it has continuously evolved and grown over time, and being a creature of comfort and habit  I fought the change and found myself feeling pretty creatively stifled in the little box I'd put myself in. 

With a new year in January 2023 came lots of reflection and a clear perspective on the direction I'd like to take the business in, and that meant really shaking off the cobwebs and stepping out of my comfort zone!


The new branding and name was a completely terrifying but necessary change for Maple Moon, and I really feel it now far better reflects not only my illustration style, but also the business as a whole. 


I really am so excited about the new changes and products, and just to breathe some new life and whimsy into the store again! 


Thank you so much as always for your continued support and I truly hope you like the changes and have a good old nosey at the new product releases in the store!


We'll still be bringing you all of our usual bookish, seasonal, cosy and of course a healthy dose of cat content too!


Amy xx

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